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Outdoor Kitchen Planning: First Steps & Questions to Ask Yourself

Don’t start shopping for outdoor kitchen components until you’ve read this.

Extending your home space is easier than you think by adding an outdoor kitchen or grill area. Extend your home space outdoors by adding an outdoor living area. As the trend of "Staycations" grows every year, outdoor living manufacturers have developed modules that make building and designing an outdoor room in your backyard seamless and much less expensive than you may think.

You can choose from our many product lines to style, colour, and create a fully functional outdoor kitchen design. On top of that, you can add almost any feature to your outdoor kitchen idea to get the look and convenience you need. An outdoor kitchen design can be as small or large as you need as well as any shape to compliment your living space. Simply pick your components, put them together and finish with a counter top of your choice. It is so easy that a outdoor kitchen can be built over a weekend or even in a day. These products are built to withstand the outside elements such as hot sun, snow & freezing rain, but where you put it and how you finish it is important.

There are a few general guidelines when planning a project such as this. As with designing a kitchen in your home, every aspect must be well thought out and planned. Start by asking yourself a few questions. 

Where will the outdoor kitchen be placed? Location is important for several reasons.

Convenience is key so make sure to select a space that has easy access to a door and the inside kitchen. Often, you’ll find yourself going in and out with platters, condiments and food items. A general guideline is 15-20 feet from your main kitchen.

Are there adequate utilities in the spot where the outdoor kitchen is being placed or can they be installed? Most outdoor kitchens require a power outlet and a gas connection depending on what kind of components you are installing. Perhaps you would like to add an outdoor television or have more outlets for appliances such as a blender. An outdoor sink is very convenient but does require plumbing.

What kind of components do you want to add to your outdoor kitchen?

There are so many amenities you combine to add convenience and aesthetic appeal. A stainless grill head is a great choice and very practical, but it'd be fun to add a  Kamado cooker, pizza oven or a pellet grill as well to compliment your grilling skills! A refrigerator is an absolute necessity if you have a pool. Gone are the days of kids and guests tracking through the house in wet bathing suits looking for a drink. A sink is so handy for food preparation and clean up after preparing a meal.

If you entertain a lot you may find it convenient and price effective to install a Kegerator (beer keg dispenser). Cold beer at your fingertips is a luxury. Take the chill out of winter grilling and add a heater. You can mount it right above your grilling area. Storage is always an issue so make sure to factor in a few places to store accessories, charcoal, wood chips and kitchen paraphernalia. One unit we always recommend is the garbage/paper towel holder because it is so useful. As you can see, the options are endless.

Planning a seating area for guests

A big trend at the moment is to have a seating area or bar right at the outdoor kitchen itself. This is a bonus for the host as they get to take part in conversation and can keep prepping and grilling without missing a beat. If you have a seating area reserved away from the grilling area, you may want to add a fire table for warmth and ambiance. You could even add a water or fire feature for aesthetic appeal.

Finishing the outdoor kitchen.

Do you want a shelter above the outdoor kitchen? Even if you’re not an avid winter griller, you still have other elements to deal with. No one likes a soggy bun with his or her burger and well-placed pergola or sunshade can solve that problem. You may want to place extra lights or even speakers above. Last but not least, you will need to decide how you want to finish your beautiful outdoor kitchen. Yet again, there are so many choices but you must keep in mind aesthetic appeal as well as durability. Your choice should have low moisture absorption, be resistant to environmental pollutants, humidity, and freeze-thaw conditions. Corian, granite, and soapstone are all great choices but a good counter top manufacturer can steer you in the right direction.

Planning an outdoor kitchen should be fun. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts who will happily help you navigate all the choices we have to offer or take a look at our outdoor kitchen component planner on our website.

Happy BBQing!

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