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Weber Connect WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Grilling Hub (Early 2020 Pre-Order)

by Weber
SKU 3204

✔ Flip & Serve Notifications
Receive alerts when food is ready to flip and the perfect temperature to serve.

✔ Food Readiness Countdown
Track food progression based on time & temp.

✔ Custom Food Doneness Alerts
Select food doneness (ex. medium-rare steak) and get an alert once it’s ready.

✔ Step-By-Step Grilling Assistance
Guidance on everything from grill setup to when it’s time to eat.

✔ Remote Wi-Fi®️ Access
Check food status such as doneness, time & temp, and readiness countdowns at the grill or on your phone

Now you can turn any grill into a connected grill with the new smart grilling hub from Weber, this innovative digital grilling assistant sends notifications to your smart phone directly and notifies you with time, temp and much more - including a readiness countdown and even alerts when your food needs to be flipped or is ready for serving.

Truly more than just a temperature probe, this is a new tool with some seriously sophisticated software.

Complex algorithms support recipe led cooking routines, for example: if you’re cooking a steak - utilise the advanced programming; enter the cut of the steak, it’s weight and thickness.

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub will let you know when to add on your steak, when to flip it, when it’s ready... taking out all the guesswork and stress.

The hub comes with two probes as standard with the capacity for four.