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Outdoor Kitchen Design & Planning Services

Designing the kitchen of your dreams can be a daunting task. Measurements have to be exact, and getting everything right can be cumbersome. Thankfully, here at by Capital BBQ we have in-house Outdoor Kitchen Experts, ready to take your outdoor kitchen ideas and make them a reality.

From Our Experts: Suggested Steps

When thinking about creating an outdoor kitchen it's important to have a bit of information thought out before selecting and purchasing components. Our experts have put together a list of core question you'll need to give some thought to:

1. Get an idea of the area you have to work with (Length in feet + 30” depth for kitchen frame) and what shape design shape you are interested; linear / L shaped etc.

2. Think of how you might like the positioning of the kitchen in relation to your house, pool, etc.

3. Write down your initial ideas on what you want to be able to do with your outdoor kitchen (prep food, serve cold drinks, store dishes, etc.).

4. Note the appliances you initially thought you would like (Grill Head/ Fridge/ Garbage/ prep area etc.)

5. Make a rough sketch on paper so you can show your Outdoor Kitchen Specialist your vision.

6. Visit our Outdoor Kitchen showroom.

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Outdoor Kitchen Design & Planning FAQ

What does it cost to have a call and/or work with an Outdoor Kitchen Specialist?

It is FREE. We offer this service free of charge in order to assure that you have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

What is the best counter-top for an outdoor kitchen?

It's important to use a non-combustable surface for your outdoor kitchen. We recommend granite for a clean finish.

Can you come out to my house, take a look at my backyard, and plan an outdoor kitchen for me?

Right now we prefer that you come in-store to 12 Grenfell Crescent for initial run through of the options available to you. After this initial meeting we may come and inspect your property to see the best fit. This is done on a case-by-case basis and only after and initial discussion in our showroom.

Ready to view some of your outdoor kitchen options?

Outdoor Kitchen Main Page

The main page for our outdoor kitchens has everything we have to offer in terms of outdoor kitchen components, design, planning, and more.

If it has to do with outdoor kitchens, and it's on our website, it will be accessible via this page!

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Outdoor Kitchen Design & Planning Services

More and more people want to expand their living space to include their backyards and patios and that’s why the outdoor room is one of the most popular home improvement projects going.

Take Your Outdoor Living to the Limit by Consulting with one of our Outdoor Room Specialists. We can supply you with outdoor room components like grill heads, side burners, smokers, stainless steel cabinetry, refrigerators, sinks, keg fridge, cocktail centers and much more.


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