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Free Assembly & Local Delivery Up To 65km From Our Ottawa Store On Orders Over $699*. Free Shipping Over $999*

Napoleon PRO Stainless Steel Smoker Pipe 67011

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asily turn your gas grill into a smoker. Use the stainless steel Smoker Pipe to enhance your favorite barbecued dishes with an enchanting hint of smoke. Use your favorite flavors of wood chips or pellets to pair with your meals like one would pair the perfect drink. The durable stainless steel is dishwasher safe and easy to use. Simply remove the cover end, fill with soaked or unsoaked wood chips, replace the lid and place the Smoker Pipe over a lit burner. This can also be used in a charcoal barbecue grill by placing it on or near the lit charcoal. When the pipe stops smoking it is time to replace the contents. The Smoker Pipe will be hot so please use heat-resistant gloves to handle it. Use the Smoker Pipe to enhance the flavor of your food. It is ideal for adding genuine smoke flavor to meats, vegetables, fruit, cheese, desserts and fish.


  • Allow spent wood chips or flavour pellets to cool completely before disposing of
  • Enhance the flavour of your favourite meals with smoke while using a gas BBQ grill
  • Simply remove one end and fill with your favourite flavour of wood chips or smoking pellets
  • To use, before lighting the BBQ, remove the cooking grids and place the filled smoker pipe onto the sear plates above a burner. Replace the cooking grids and use the barbecue as normal
  • Turns your Gas Grill into a Smoker


Primary Construction MaterialStainless Steel


Product Depth (in)12

Product Width (in)1.75

Product Height (in)1.75

Product Net Weight (lbs)0.64


Packaging Length (in)12.5

Packaging Width (in)2

Packaging Height (in)2

Packaging Weight (lb)0.64 lb