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Free Assembly & Local Delivery Up To 65km From Our Ottawa Store On Orders Over $699*. Free Shipping Over $999*

Weber Charcoal Heat Controller 7666

by Weber
SKU 7666
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With Weber’s Charcoal Heat Controller for 22” kettle charcoal grills, you can easily set up your grill for high-heat searing or low-and-slow cooking. Comprised of a cone and diffuser ring, it reduces the guesswork for less experienced grillers and adds a new level of mastery for backyard pros. The cone positions charcoal for up to 7 hours of low-and-slow cooking when used with charcoal briquettes, while the diffuser ring provides even heat across the entire grilling surface, giving you plenty of room for larger foods like ribs, pork shoulders and more. The cone can also be used to create extremely high heat for searing as well as efficient, convection heat for perfectly crispy wings, meats and veggies. Yum.

• Up to 7 hours of low-and-slow temp (225°F-275°F) before refueling
• Diffuser ring maximizes entire 22” cooking grate for indirect low-and-slow
• Extreme direct high heat for searing; convection heat for crispy wings
• Room for water pan to maximize moisture and flavour in low and slow
• Cone can stay in grill for repeated, hassle-free use
• Diffuser can be taken apart for compact, long-term storage


  • Direct High Heat Grilling
    Searing over the cone; searing steaks or chops with the Charcoal Heat Controller happens quickly. Sear each side of your food in 15-30 second intervals. Depending on the thickness of your meat, you may need to cook it indirectly (around the cone) to achieve desired doneness.
  • Fits
    Weber 22” charcoal grills
  • Indirect Grilling
    Convection Heat Around the Cone: For foods that require longer cook times, such as chicken, the Charcoal Heat Controller uses the power of convection air to heat and crisp your food. Place your food on the grate around the cone instead of directly over the cone.
  • Individual Carton Dimensions
    12.25"H x 12.25"W x 6.63"D
  • Low-and-Slow Grilling
    The Charcoal Heat Controller makes it easy to create a fuse of charcoal that will burn slowly for 6-8 hours. The diffuser ring spreads the heat, allowing you to use the entire cooking grate for your food.
  • Material
    Stainless steel
  • Out-of-carton Dimensions
    4.50"H x 18.30"W x 18.30"D


Packaging Weight (lb)6.2 lb